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 LMKR Geographix Discovery 2014

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PostSubject: LMKR Geographix Discovery 2014   Mon Sep 21, 2015 7:27 pm

LMKR Geographix, Geographix Discovery 2014

LMKR Founded in 1994, LMKR is a petroleum technology company with an extensive solutions portfolio that includes reservoir centric interpretation, modeling and analytics software, mobile technology solutions, E&P data services as well as geoscience and information management consulting solutions all focused towards lowering the risk associated with exploration and production of conventional and unconventional resource plays.

LMKR Geographix, Geographix Discovery 2014
LMKR Geographix, Geographix Discovery 2014

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LMKR Geographix Discovery 2014
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