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 KINGDOM Version 8.3+crack geophysic program

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KINGDOM Version 8.3+crack geophysic program Empty
PostSubject: KINGDOM Version 8.3+crack geophysic program   KINGDOM Version 8.3+crack geophysic program Icon_minitimeSun Feb 16, 2014 6:11 pm

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[left][left]KINGDOM Version 8.3+crack geophysic program <a href=KINGDOM Version 8.3+crack geophysic program Untitl10" />


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press "skip "advs" on up right the pasge  to >>>download

©️ 2008 Seismic Micro-Technology, Incorporated 1
What’s New in KINGDOM Version 8.3
The KINGDOM version 8.3 includes new products (1D Forward Modeling; Security), many
significant enhancements across the product suite, and scalability improvements throughout
New Feature Highlights
• 1D Forward Modeling
• New Pre-stack Data Conditioning Capabilities
• Neural Network-based Missing and Synthetic Well Log Generation
• Scalability Improvements
©️ 2008 Seismic Micro-Technology, Incorporated 2
• Improved User Interface—Based on SynPAK
• Addition of key Log types—Read or created
- Shear Velocity
- Vp / Vs Ratio
- Poissons Ratio
• Modeling of intervals of Vp, Vs, and Density logs
- Ability to cut, paste and modify thickness
- Ability to model log values directly
- Ability to define mineral and fluid composition
- Fluid replacement modeling
• Synthetic Pre-Stack Gather generation
- User definition of ground acquisition parameters
- Display of pre-stack gathers and stack of gathers
- With NMO (With and with out stretch) and without NMO
1D Forward Modeling
©️ 2008 Seismic Micro-Technology, Incorporated 3
Definition of Gather Parameters
• User defined cable Geometry
• Multiple gather display types
- Offset gather with no NMO correction
- NMO corrected gather with no NMO stretch
- NMO corrected gather with NMO stretch
• Reflection angle calculations
- Limit reflection angle to critical angle
- Limit reflection angle to user defined value
©️ 2008 Seismic Micro-Technology, Incorporated 4
Shear Wave Log Estimation
• Shear Wave Velocity Log estimation
- Constant Vp \Vs ratio
- Castagna’s Mud Rock Trend
- Define local mud or lithology trend—Crossplot of Vp - Vs
©️ 2008 Seismic Micro-Technology, Incorporated 5
Gassmann Substitution: Lithology & Fluid Workshops
• VP, VS, PR, Density calculated based on Gassmann calculation
• Bulk Modulus for matrix minerals and pore fluids
• Mineral composition based on Quartz—Calcium—Clay %
• Fluid composition based on Water—Oil—Gas %
• In-Situ Fluids Workshop for more detailed calculation
©️ 2008 Seismic Micro-Technology, Incorporated 6
Modeled Gathers: With or Without NMO Applied
©️ 2008 Seismic Micro-Technology, Incorporated 7
New Pre-stack Data Conditioning Capabilities
Process Workflow
• Puts all conditioning options in one dialog box
• Allows selection of multiple processes
• Workflow can be ordered
• Workflow can be saved and loaded
• Applied dynamically in gallery for parameter testing
- Individual processes can be selected / deselected
- Visualize results in gallery data, AVO plot and crossplots
- Immediate feedback of effects on AVO attributes
- Compare different processes in separate galleries
• Run and output results as separate process
AVOPAK Data Conditioning
©️ 2008 Seismic Micro-Technology, Incorporated 8
New Capabilities
• Workflow oriented interface (save and restore workflows)
• Either volume based or run dynamically as part of a gallery
- Part of AVOPAK license—no new costs
- Test options in gallery and verify effects on cross plot of attributes dynamically
• Data Reorganization
- Multi-level Sort, Re-binning, Create Angle gathers from offset distance
• • Write gathers and stacks to disk
- Stack as Full, Subset (near, mid, far) stacks or as angle stacks
• Noise Reduction
- Super Gathers: Slice based and Dip Corrected/Edge Preserved
- Spectral balance (RSI SBALAN)
- Event flattening—trim statics (RSI ALIGN)
• Basic Processing
- Mute enhancements: Angle, Distance, Horizon
- Flatten by horizon, RMS velocity or user table
- Spectral analysis
- Trace balance
©️ 2008 Seismic Micro-Technology, Incorporated 9
Benefits of Data Conditioning
Original data from processor Original data +
Low Pass Filter +
Re-binned data +
EPS Super Gather +
Align Gather
Re-binned data +
Super Gather +
Align Gather
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KINGDOM Version 8.3+crack geophysic program
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